Health and Wellbeing

Integrating health promotion in organisations to generate impact

  • Workplace Health Promotion Programs

  • Healthy Lifestyle and Risk Factor Reduction

  • Technology for Health Promotion

  • Psychosocial Risk Reduction

  • SDGs and Social Impact

We develop and implement health promotion programmes in the work environment. We work to ensure that the Companies generate a positive social impact on the reduction of chronic diseases, helping to reduce business and healthcare costs.

Promoting healthy lifestyles

We integrate health promotion into the business strategy and design projects adapted to the needs of each organisation, bringing innovation and technology in health promotion closer together. to the business environment. We develop programmes for the reduction of risk factors (overweight or obesity, physical inactivity, unbalanced diet, insomnia, stress, etc.) for the main chronic diseases: cardiovascular diseases, cancer, mental disorders, diabetes, etc.

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles.

  • Risk factor reduction.

  • Innovation and technology in health promotion.

  • Positive social impact.

How do we work?


We detect the needs related to the health and lifestyle of the people who make up the organisation.


We define the work objectives and their indicators of success.

Action plan

We design an adapted action plan to ensure the integration of health promotion into the organisation’s strategy and accompany the managers in the implementation of the action plan and the monitoring of indicators.

Analysis of results

We evaluate the impact in order to define the next steps.

Health and Wellbeing Programmes

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Health and Wellbeing

How can we help you?

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