Labour Relations

We are the link between the company and its employees and we tackle problems at their source, with a 360º vision, providing strategic and lasting solutions.

  • Employment advice and consultations

  • Analysis of the company’s labour management

  • Interim Management

  • Conflict mediation

  • Policies for reconciling personal, professional and family life

  • Remuneration policies

  • General Law on Disability, management of the reserve quota

  • Customer-tailored training on labour issues

  • Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, pacts or collective agreements

  • Implementation of the Whistleblower channel

Industrial Relations is the indispensable link between the between the company and the worker, its management being key to the correct and efficient functioning of the organisation. The continuum Regulatory change, and the lack of structure that SMEs in particular have to deal rigorously with the continuous changes, make labour matters a fundamental issue for companies.

Social dialogue as a key element of labour relations, the setting of working conditions (wages, contracts, working hours, social security, prevention, conciliation, training, etc.) and social and economic issues are some of the factors that are considered in labour relations.

Therefore, far from only giving a legal response in reaction to a problem, our 360º vision of the company allows us to act proactively, getting to the root of the issue to solve it in an effective, lasting and cost-effective way.

We analyse the reasons for each situation, we advise and provide tools and global solutions to organisations

As an expert company, we advise and take on tasks for which companies may not have the means or the appropriate legal or professional resources. If there is a recurrent labour problem in the organisation, we will look for the cause and analyse why it occurs. In this way, we accompany companies and their management teams in the search for global solutions to the main labour and human resources problems.

  • Strategic legal advice

  • 360º vision

  • Global Human Resources Solutions

  • Short, medium and long term monitoring

Our method:


We get to the heart of the matter to get to the root of the problems in order to solve them.


We can carry out punctual interventions and also practice interim management to be part of your team for a certain period of time.

Action plan

We provide strategic, effective, long-lasting solutions adapted to the economic situation of each company.


Carlos Gabino Rey Marca

Labour Relations

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