“We Trans-Form” individuals to achieve more competitive companies.

  • Cross-functional training projects

  • Professional and personal development

  • Team organization and management

  • Remote and hybrid work

  • Communication and leadership

  • Transformation and change management

  • Healthy habits and emotional well-being

  • Prevention and action protocols

Today, more than ever, it’s essential to propose training programs that allow adaptation and immediate incorporation of changes occurring in the business environment. This contributes to the professional and personal development of workers, not only to improve performance and, consequently, the organization’s productivity but also to attract and retain talent.. That’s why, at meHRs, we work to offer training solutions tailored to the needs of companies, their teams, and their leaders.

Professional and transformational development

When we develop a training program, from any of the MEHRS areas, our goal is not only to convey information to the participants but also to motivate them to generate change, whether it’s improving their health habits, attracting and retaining talent, promoting equality plans, or organizational efficiency, among others. This is what our “Trans-Formation” is about, changing unwanted situations. That’s why we take it a step further moving from information to action to achieve objective results..

  • Programs tailored to the needs of companies and individuals.

  • Face-to-face, remote, webinars or e-learning.

  • Dynamics inspired by the principles of group coaching.

  • Work based on examples and study of real cases.

  • We promote participation and interaction through gamification.

Our method:

Needs Detection

Thanks to our comprehensive view of companies, we detect training needs from any of our interventions in selection, health, equality, or labor relations, among others.

Professional Selection

We surround ourselves withpartners and professionals specialized and with a comprehensive view of the business world.

Active Training

We always work with active training solutions that provide knowledge of tools tailored and adapted to each situation of the organization and its teams, but also their immediate application to achieve instant results.

Bonuses and Grants

We take advantage of all the bonuses and grants that the company can access.

Training Development Areas

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