We are committed to people because they are and always will be the driving force of organisations.

The application allows the selection of new recruits based on the company’s criteria, as well as the evaluation of individuals or work teams to improve the working environment, performance evaluations or the development of internal talent, among other actions, providing the selection processes with the impartiality, credibility and objectivity they need.

The proposal


  • Study and definition of competence profiles adjusted to the behavioural maps and objectives of each position.
  • Job descriptions
  • Development of specific evaluations through personal interviews for the professional categories requested: minimum two persons, maximum three for each position.
  • Creation of CANDIDATE PERSON

Creation of a dictionary of competences

  • Through the information extracted in phase 1 of the project: data analysis and processing.
  • Development and custom design of the U-talent application
  • Behaviours associated with the evaluations of each position.
  • Profile construction.
  • Job Description for recruitment and publication of offers.
  • Dictionary of competences (Soft Skills)

Battery of evaluation questions: 1 competence = 4 behaviours + 8 questions

User training

  • Training on the methodology and use of the application for the assessment of the desired competencies in the selection process.
  • Training to conduct the interview through the battery of questions
  • Training to develop curriculum interview fields
  • Case studies to ensure assimilation of concepts and content

A customisable software application with limited access to the companies it generates:

  • Competence test

  • Corporate logo

  • Two categories: Supervisor and user

  • Selection of new recruits

  • Evaluation of individuals or teams

  • Impartiality, credibility and objectivity

  • Performance Evaluations

  • Career guidance