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The demand for values beyond the economic aspect when looking for a job is forcing companies to become more flexible and changing the way they lead. Our conscious selection method seeks to attracting more and better talent and promoting a healthy workforce and healthy development within the company. Thus, we are faced daily with the need for new positions that not only require the analysis of candidates to select the one that best suits the company, but also need to work on a policy that transforms its internal reality, with a more holistic vision of what the company means. well-being. Because the hidden costs of avoiding the change process are much higher than initiating the process to work in a different way in order to become more efficient, accountable and sustainable.

360º consultancy and support at all stages of the selection process

The main value of companies is their people. For this reason, when companies ask us for new recruits, the MeHRs Recruitment and Headhunting team does so with a vision of the company’s needs. Keep On Growing (KOG): a 360º consultancy process that covers everything from immersion in the organisation and its culture to the study of the context and the working environment in which the selection process is to take place, as well as the development of the talent recruitment strategy or the study of the optimal environments to find the candidates best suited to the position. The process includes support at all stages of the process, from the submission of applications to recruitment, including the onboarding or the proposal of actions to retain talent, such as training or the promotion of health and wellbeing, among others.

  • Conscious and strategic selection

  • Attracting more and better talent

  • Loyalty actions

  • Present at all stages of the process

Our method:


We go inside companies to analyse the competitive advantages that attract and retain talent.


We meet with the Hiring Manager for a description of the position, but also of the context and the working environment in which the selection process will take place.

Employer branding

We design the talent attraction strategy specific to the position.


We study environments, groups and places where we can find the desired professional profiles.


We look for the perfect match between the position, the team and the company culture.


We are present at all stages of the process, from application to recruitment.


We support companies in the phase of incorporation of employees.


We follow the adaptation period and propose valuable actions to retain talent, oriented towards well-being at work and the promotion of professional development.

Recruitment Programmes

Talento y Punto

Tests to assess the dimensions of talent.

Wheel of motivators and emotional competencies that determine the behaviour of each person and help to know what their behavioural style is.

Identify, develop and enhance the softs skills of the people in your organisation in new hires or internal promotions for a perfect fit in the position.

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Selection and Headhunting

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